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The Sherman Museum’s History

The Sherman Museum located in Sherman, Texas was founded in 1976. The museum has striven to meet future goals and responsibilities to the public. Off-site exhibits, children’s workshops, and travelling exhibits which are available to schools, clubs and organizations, allow the museum to reach a greater number of people in the community.

The museum is in historic Carnegie Library built in 1914. It is one of a handful of remaining Carnegie Library buildings in Texas. The Carnegie boasts of three oils on wood paintings, by Texas artist James Swann, that were hung in the building in 1934. They are the only examples of WPA art in Grayson County.

In the late 1980’s, a second facility was acquired, an historic Church of Christ building situated next door to the Carnegie building and is used for storage of the 50,000-plus objects in the collection. The most significant feature of the Church of Christ facility is the 48 original stained-glass windows. Both buildings became a recorded Texas Historical Landmark in 1986 and, in 1990, the Carnegie building was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places

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The 95 dolls on display from our collections are mostly educational in nature, and many are handmade.

32 of the dolls were donated by LuAnn Yoast and were made or collected by her mother, Lucile Hightower for use at Forest Avenue Baptist Church for mission trainings and Bible studies.

37 of the dolls were donated by Jefferson School and were used in the 1970s to teach about ethnic clothing. All of the dolls represent countries, and each has a label designating the country of origin.

3 dolls are very old (two are dated to pre-1895 and one is dated 1901 by family records) and were donated by prominent Sherman families.

We have very little information on the remaining 23 dolls on display and I would love for members of the community to come look at these dolls and talk to Betsy Deiterman, Museum Director, if they recognize them! We would like to be able to tell their stories accurately.

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