The Sherman Museum’s Research Room provides a selection of books, research files, photograph collection, and copies of the Oral History Program recordings and transcripts. The Museum makes these resources available at the discretion of the Director.

Please follow the procedures listed below for research. Thank you for your support.

  1. Be prepared to do your own research.
  2. Bring the necessary supplies:
    • Reading glasses
    • Notepad
    • Pen/pencil
    • Any information you need to refer to on the research topic
  3. Allow enough time for research. You may need more than one hour.
  4. You may be required to wear white cotton gloves (provided by the museum) during research.
  5. Items available for research are located in the Research Room.
    • City Directories – Sherman and Denison 1876 through 2003
    • Books – history, antiques, Grayson County ancestry, coins, glass, old houses, museums
    • Museum periodicals
    • Research files – newspaper clippings, articles, research papers, and other documents
    • List of photographs in the museum collection
    • Oral history – copies of recordings and transcripts made through the museum’s Oral History Program will be provided for research. Tape-recorded histories (previously donated and not produced by the museum) may not be available, as reproduction may not be possible.
  6. Objects from the museum collection are not available for research (exception: photographs).
  7. Photograph research – A list of photographs in the collection is available. Once you have identified the photo(s) you are interested in, museum staff will look them up in the computer and/or pull the actual photo(s) for viewing.
  8. Photograph reproduction is allowed as a fundraiser to help support the operations and special projects of The Sherman Museum. See the Policy for Photographic Reproduction for further details.
  9. Photocopying of documents and select pages of books in the research files is allowed as a fundraiser to help support the operations and special projects of The Sherman Museum, and to defray the operating cost of copy equipment. A 25¢ donation per copy is required.