About Dino Days

Welcome to DINO DAYS, Texoma’s only dinosaur exhibition. In 2016 we will celebrate DINO DAYS’ fifth anniversary in a really big  way by bringing “Ivan,” a forty-foot long Tyrannosaurus rex, to delight and thrill Texoma families. Tyrannosaurus rex (or T.rex, as it is commonly known) is easily the most famous and most beloved dinosaur, mainly because for nearly a century it was the largest and most powerful known predator. It remains a favorite in popular culture, as demonstrated by its starring roles in the Jurassic Park series of movies. “Ivan” will be the largest complete skeleton ever displayed at the Museum. “Ivan” will be accompanied by several other dinos designed to create a compelling exhibit for the residents of Texoma. Also scheduled for DINO DAYS 2016 are a Dromaeosaurus (popularly known as a raptor, similar in size to the Jurassic ParkVelociraptors”), the flying reptile, Nyctosaurus, with an eight-foot wingspan, Archeopteryx in situ, and a small recently discovered pterosaur, Jeholopterus. Additionally, the Museum’s Acrocanthosaurus skull, and Clidastes skeleton will also be displayed.

Our Acrocanthosaurus atokensis skull cast, recently donated to the museum and nicknamed “Atoka” by staff, will give visitors insight into this ferocious animal that ruled Oklahoma and Texas during the Early Cretaceous period. Similar in size to Tyrannosaurus rex, Acrocanthosaurus lived 50 million years before T.rex!

Other returning popular DINO DAYS attractions are the DINO DIG and the 3-D Dino Theater. The dig allows children to search for fossils using paleontological techniques. The theater displays dinosaur documentaries and feature-length movies like Jurassic Park 3-D and Walking with Dinosaurs in 3-D. DINO ACADEMY will return again this year offering children ages 6-12 a hands-on dino experience. DINO Nights at the Museum will also return, giving visitors a chance to tour the exhibit by flashlight.

During DINO DAYS special extended hours will be offered. Exact hours have not been determined, but will be announced closer to the exhibition dates.


Don’t miss out on the fun when The Sherman Museum hosts the only exhibition of dinosaur fossils in Grayson County!